Wynn Bullock

Wynn Bullock (1902-1975) was one of the great photographers of the last century. He lived in California and became widely known, with photographs in some 90 major museum collections around the world. He was featured in numerous exhibitions and published articles, and he authored a number of books. Afterimage Gallery has the privilege of working with Bullock Family Photography LLC in presenting to collectors selections from their archive.

From time to time the family releases signed photographs for sale, and they also have a large selection of limited edition estate prints made with state-of-the-art digital technology. Below are two signed prints from the archive along a selection of the estate prints. These estate prints are an excellent way to collect artwork, a way that is within reach of a wide audience.

The prices of the prints increase for every 10 sold. 9 x 12 inch prints are in an edition of 50, and the beginning level price is $500. 11 x 14 inch prints are in an edition of 40, and the beginning price level is $1,000. The largest size is 16 x 20 inches in an edition of 30 at a beginning price of $1,500. The prints are matted in eight-ply archival ragboard, ready for framing. Accompanying each print is a letter of authenticity signed by daughter Barbara Bullock-Wilson.

The images below are just a small part of what is available. To get an overview of Wynn Bullock's photography, we suggest you visit the website of the Bullock family at wynnbullockphotography.com.

(All images below Bullock Family Photography LLC)

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Estate Prints
Wynn Bullock, Navigation without Numbers
Navigation without Numbers, 1957
Wynn Bullock, Sea Palms
Sea Palms, 1968
Wynn Bullock, Stark Tree
Stark Tree, 1956
Wynn Bullock, Woman and Thistle
Woman and Thistle, 1953
Wynn Bullock, Girl on Beach
Girl on Beach, 1968
Wynn Bullock, Child in Forest
Child in Forest, 1951
Wynn Bullock, Let There Be Light
Let There Be Light, 1954
Wynn Bullock, The Shore
The Shore, 1966
Wynn Bullock, Night Scene
Night Scene, 1959
Wynn Bullock, Driftwood
Driftwood, 1951
Wynn Bullock, Nude behind Cobwebbed Window
Nude behind Cobwebbed Window, 1955
Wynn Bullock, Child on Forest Road
Child on Forest Road, 1958