Christopher Burkett

Christopher Burkett produces color landscape photographs of incredible beauty. He primarily uses an 8 x 10 inch view camera and makes his own Ilfochrome prints. Mr. Burkett's work is carried in a number of major photography galleries around the country and is reknown for near perfection of his work. He was born in 1951 and lives in Oregon.

Christopher Burkett is also offering limited edition museum size prints which are larger than his normal sizes and editioned to only 15 copies. He states on his website, "I believe that these large prints are the finest examples of my art and craft and represent the ultimate expression of my photographic work." Prices start at $6,000.00 and increase to $35,000.00 and more, depending on the photograph, as the editions sell out. Please check with us as to the specific price of any piece.

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Christopher Burkett, Forest Light
Forest Light
Christopher Burkett, Translucent Forest
Translucent Forest
Christopher Burkett, White Callas at Dawn
White Callas at Dawn
Christopher Burkett, Spruce and Bright Aspen Forest
Spruce and Bright Aspen Forest

Christopher Burkett, Autumn Tempest
Autumn Tempest
Christopher Burkett, Golden Aspen Glade
Golden Aspen Glade
Christopher Burkett, White Snow Spires
White Snow Spires/font>

Christoper Burkett, Glowing Winter Aspen
Glowing Winter Aspen
Christopher Burkett, Dogwoods, Forest and Mist
Dogwoods, Forest and Mist
Christopher Burkett, Shining Waterlilies
Shining Waterlilies
Christopher Burkett, Resplendent Leaves at Sunset
Resplendent Leaves at Sunset

Coastal Storm

Coastal Storm, Oregon, 1985
(20 x 20 size is $1,250.00 and 30 x 30 size is $2,500.00)

Pink Floating Leaves

Pink Floating Leaves, Kentucky, 1990
(20 x 24 size is $2,000.00 and 30 x 40 size is $4,000.00)

Pink and White Dogwoods

Pink and White Dogwoods, Kentucky, 1991
(20 x 24 size is $6,000.00 and 30 x 40 size is $12,000.00)

Aspen Mountainside

Aspen Mountainside, Colorado, 1993
(20 x 24 size is $1,250.00 and 30 x 40 size is $2,500.00)

Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove, Colorado, 1993
(20 x 24 size is $6,000.00 and 30 x 40 size is $12,000.00)

Click here to go to Christopher Burkett's personal web site to view more of his photography.