Paul Flaggman

The City after Dark

Afterimage Gallery is pleased to feature its first one-person show of the outstanding urban night photography of Paul Flaggman. Dr. Flaggman was born (1947) and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He practiced neurology in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 25 years. During that time, he was a photography collector (and still is), and he began to learn the art himself. By 2001, he had retired from his medical practice to start a full time career as a fine-art photographer. His night cityscapes have met with great success, and he is now represented in a number of major galleries. He currently lives in both New Mexico and Florida.

Neither cutting edge nor avante-garde nor pictorial are words descriptive of my photographic vision. Nocturnal, urban landscape photographs may be an antithesis of the heroic western landscape photographs of the Ansel Adams tradition. I strive to place my work left of an intersection between this tradition and the landscape and architectural photographs of Michael Kenna, George Tice and Berenice Abbott.

My monochromatic, time-exposed cityscapes are, to me, at once familiar and ambiguous, heroic and reserved and just plain fun to make. I am fortunate to have studied with John Sexton, George Tice, Bruce Barnbaum and Michael Kenna.

My Tri-X negatives are printed on Ilford Multigrade Fiber Based Warm Toned paper and archivally processed and toned first in Kodak Sepia then selenium.

Paul D. Flaggman

Prints are made on 16 x 20 inch paper, mounted and matted to 28 x 22 inches and are priced at $1,000.00.

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New York--Flatiron from Park
New York--
Flatiron from Park, 1997
New York--Flatiron and Sculpture
New York--
Flatiron and Sculpture, 1998
London--Benches, Big Ben
Benches, Big Ben, 1997
London--Big Ben, Bridge
Big Ben, Bridge, 1997
London--Light in Window
Light in Window, 1997
London--Broken Bench
Broken Bench, 1997
Paris--Boats, Seine
Boats, Seine, 2003
Paris--Snow, Bridge
Snow, Bridge, 2003
Paris--Arc de Triomphe-Storm
Arc de Triomphe-Storm, 2002
France--Les Beaux-Galerie de Musee
France--Les Beaux-
Galerie de Musee, 1998
Paris--Louvre-Two Pyramids
Two Pyramids, 1999
Paris--Louvre-Pyramids and Tuileries
Pyramids and Tuileries, 1999
Paris--Montmartre, Stairway
Montmartre, Stairway, 2003
Paris--Fog, Stairway
Fog, Stairway, 2003
Palm Beach--Pier Abstraction
Palm Beach--
Pier Abstraction, 1996
New York--Brooklyn Bridge
New York--
Brooklyn Bridge, 2003
New York--Radio City, Rockefeller Center
New York--Radio City,
Rockefeller Center, 2002
New York--Empire State Building
New York--
Empire State Building, 2002
Rome--Girl and Spikey Hair
and Spikey Hair, 2004
New York--Brownstones
New York--
Brownstones, 2002
New York--Times Square
New York--
Times Square, 1998
New York--Underpass, Central Park
New York--Underpass,
Central Park, 2002