Fran Forman


We are pleased to present the colorful and inventive surreal photography of Fran Forman. Using her expertise of working with Photoshop for over 20 years, she creates dream-like scenes with old and new photographs, scanned object, textures, paintings and drawings.

Ms. Forman observes about her work: “In merging photography with painting, portraiture with dreamed landscapes, technologies and generations, my images blur the boundaries between the real and the unreal, re-imagining worlds that, like our own, remain forever a mystery. I invite the viewer to look closely, to engage with me in an imaginative discourse, and to enter into a world of dreams and memory. The visual narratives of my photo collages dissolve the boundaries of time; they connect my fantasies and dreams with the generations that have come before me and attempt to bring them back to life. Perhaps it’s my attempt to stop time.”

Ms. Forman, who lives in Massachusetts, is presently a Resident Scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University. She has been in numerous shows and has won several prestigious international awards and honors for her art.

Prices: Fran Forman's creations are digitally printed onto fine archival paper, usually Ilford Gold Fibre, using an Epson 9600 printer. Her two sizes are: prints on 17 x 22 inch (43 x 56 cm) paper are $1,550.00 matted, in editions of 15,
and prints on 13 x 19 inch (33 x 48 cm) paper are $1,030.00 matted, in editions of 20.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them. More images can be viewed on Fran Forman's own website.)

Fran Forman, Carousel Escape
Carousel Escape
Fran Forman, Boy on a Boat
Boy on a Boat
Fran Forman, Méliès' Dream
Méliès' Dream
Fran Forman, Flying Boy over Truro's Pond
Flying Boy over Truro's Pond
Fran Forman, The Flyer
The Flyer
Fran Forman, Phases
Fran Forman, Hiding
Fran Forman, Innocence Reflected
Innocence Reflected
Fran Forman, The Rower
The Rower
Fran Forman, Airborne
Fran Forman, Riding Uphill
Riding Uphill
Fran Forman, Secret Gift
Secret Gift
Fran Forman, Sisters at the Marsh
Sisters at the Marsh
Fran Forman, Girl with a Rainbow
Girl with a Rainbow
Fran Forman, Girl with a Bird
Girl with a Bird
Fran Forman, Flight
Fran Forman, October Moon
October Moon
Fran Forman, Hangzhou Moon
Hangzhou Moon
Fran Forman, Cosmic Aria
Cosmic Aria
Fran Forman, Solitary Bird
Solitary Bird
Fran Forman, Portrait of a Man
Portrait of a Man
Fran Forman, Two Portraits
Two Portraits
Fran Forman, Boy and a Knight
Boy and a Knight
Fran Forman, Charles Martin's Dream
Charles Martin's Dream