Abbott, Berenice (1898-1991): great portrait and architectural New York photographer
Adams, Ansel (1902-1984): perhaps the greatest landscape photographer
American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP): an organization of professionals
Association of International Photography Art Dealers, Inc.: an organization of us dealers
Audubon, John James (1785-1851): 19th Century painter specializing in birds
Bibliothèque Nationale: the national library of France
Brassaï (1899-1984): great documentary photographer, known for his Paris work in the 30s
Cantinflas: Mexican comedian
Capa, Robert (1913-1954): photojournalist known for his war coverage
Carroll, Lewis (1832-1898): famous children's author who photographed young girls
Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge: see Lewis Carroll
Dutton, Allen A. (1922-): makes amusing multiple imagery, often with many women's breasts
Eakins, Thomas (1844-1916): painter of late 19th Century specializing in nudes
Eastman, George (1854-1932): started Eastman Kodak Company in 1892
Edison, Thomas (1847-1931): invented, among many other things, the light bulb and liked to take naps
Eisenstadt, Alfred (1898-1995): pioneering 35mm photojournalist
Equivalents: a series of cloud photographs by Alfred Stieglitz
Erwitt, Elliott (1928-): documentary photographer known for humorous work F 64 Group: formed in California in 1932 to promote sharp view camera work
Fabian: rock 'n' roll singer from the 50s
Fabio: Italian male model who frequently turns up in television ads
Fellig, Arthur: see Weegee
Ferrante and Teicher: a popular piano duo from the 60s
Friedmann, Andrei: see Robert Capa
Gilbert and Sullivan: they wrote hilarious operettas in late 19th Century (Did he ever...well...hardly ever!)
Halász, Gyula: see Brassaï
Hans and Franz: weight lifting "pump you up" duo from Saturday Night Live
Hasselblad: the finest 2¼" format camera, used by astronauts
Hefner, Hugh: founder of Playboy magazine
Hill and Adamson: early English calotype portraitists
Hoyningen-Huené, George (1900-1968): fashion photographer famous in the 30s and 40s
Leary, Timothy (1920-1997): LSD promoter, "Turn on, tune in, drop out."
Lee, Brenda: small, early rock 'n' roll singer
Liberace (1919-1987): overly showy pianist who had a brother named George
Lindbergh, Charles (1902-1974): first person to fly solo across the Atlantic
Linked Ring Brotherhood: late 19th Century British group that liked fuzzy photographs
Louvre: one of the world's greatest museums, located in Paris
Madonna (1959-): not to be confused with her namesake
Man Ray (1890-1976): Dada photographer and painter
McBean, Angus (1904-): English theatrical photographer
Metropolitan Museum of Art: one of America's great art museums, located in New York
Miller, Lee (1906-1977): model and photographer, particularly associated with Man Ray
Minox: tiny 16mm camera popular in the 60s
Moholy-Nagy, László (1895-1946): artist, in our field noted for his photograms
Mondrian, Piet (1872-1944): abstract painter of intersecting lines
Morse, Samuel (1791-1872): inventor of the telegraph
Mortensen, William (1897-1975): made rather pompous nude studies in the 30s and 40s
Muggeridge, Edward James: see Eadweard Muybridge
Museum of Modern Art: one of the world great museums of modern art, located in New York
Muybridge, Eadweard (1830-1904): best known for his extensive motion studies
Nadar (1820-1910): early French studio photographer and bon vivant, made aerials of Paris from a balloon
Niépce, Joseph Nicéphore (1765-1833): made the first surviving photograph in 1826
Nutting, Wallace (1861-1941): a minister who mass produced hand colored platinums c. 1900
Pelé (1940-): South American soccer player
Photo League: an early 50s organization of New York photographers
Photographic Society of America (PSA): organization of thousands of camera club participants
Rat Pack: Frank Sinatra and pals that liked to hang out in Las Vegas
Red Baron: German World War I flying ace who is Snoopy's enemy
Rembrandt (1606-1669): great Dutch painter
Rudnitzky, Emmanuel: see Man Ray
Sexton, John (1953-): landscape photographer who used to be Ansel Adams primary assistant
Seymour, David (1911-1956): photojournalist
Sikorski, Igor (1889-1972): inventor of the helicopter
Siskind, Aaron (1903-1991): contemporary photographer best known for his wall abstracts
Smith, W. Eugene (1918-1978): a great LIFE magazine photojournalist
Stieglitz, Alfred (1864-1946): great photographer and art dealer, married Georgia O'Keeffe
Stokowski, Leopold (1882-1977): conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra
Szarkowski, John: innovative former curator at the Museum of Modern Art
Szymin, David: see David Seymour
Taco Bell chihuahua: cute dog with an Hispanic accent in American ad campaign
Tournachon, Gaspard Félix: see Nadar
Trotsky, Leon (1879-1940): a leader of the Bolshevik Revolution
Twinka: California nude model, best known for Judy Dater's Imogen and Twinka
Uelsmann, Jerry N.: the master of surrealistic imagery from multiple negative printing
Umbehr, Otto: see Umbo
Umbo (1902-1980): a photojournalist specializing in theater, dance and film
University of Texas: home of the large Gernsheim photography collection
Weegee (1899-1968): aggressive free lancer who covered the seamier side of the Big Apple
Whistler's mother: painter James Abbott McNeill's (1834-1903) famous subject (compare to the producer's logo at the ends of Ally McBeal and The Practice)
Yeager, Bunny: nude model and photographer, author of classic How I Photograph Myself