Paul Greenberg

Recent Panoramas

We are very pleased to present Paul Greenberg’s latest panoramic photographs. He has been a fixture on the Dallas photographic scene since the 1970s. In the 1990s, he began using a panoramic camera, shooting in his incisive documentary style in various parts of the world.

In Black and White Magazine, he stated, “I take a very simple approach to making photographs. I document what I see. Nothing in my photography is planned or manipulated. I’m not interested in inventing a new way of seeing. My intent is to nurture and preserve a very important photographic exercise—the documentation of life on the street.”

Dr. Greenberg (b. 1935) makes his living as a general internist. His photography has been exhibited and published in many venues. His prints can be found in the collections of the Dallas Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth and a number of other institutions.

Paul Greenberg makes his own silver gelatin prints. Their image size is 7 x 17 inches. Most prints sell for $750.00, with exceptions noted. Add $40.00 for 16 x 26 inch matting and $30.00 for shipping.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them.)

Paul Greenberg, Man Viewing D.J., NYC
Man Viewing D.J., NYC
Paul Greenberg, Covered Pictures, The Met
Covered Pictures, The Met
Paul Greenberg, Museum Guard #2, NYC
Museum Guard #2, NYC
Paul Greenberg, Surreal Couple, Paris
Surreal Couple, Paris
Paul Greenberg, Doorman, Trump Tower, NYC
Doorman, Trump Tower, NYC
Paul Greenberg, Broadway, NYC
Broadway, NYC
Paul Greenberg, Father Duffy, NYC
Father Duffy, Homage to Fee F., NYC
Paul Greenberg, Windows, NYC
Windows, NYC
Paul Greenberg, Mr. Gubi, NYC
Mr. Gubi, NYC
Paul Greenberg, Police Line, NYC
Police Line, NYC
Paul Greenberg, No Ball Playing
No Ball Playing, Pittsburgh
Paul Greenberg, Cable Car, San Francisco
Cable Car, San Francisco
Paul Greenberg, Two Women, Tulleries, Paris
Two Women, Tulleries Garden, Paris
Paul Greenberg, Pyramid, Paris
Pyramid, Paris
Paul Greenberg, Pompidou Center, Paris
Pompidou Center, Paris
Paul Greenberg, Snow, Central Park, NYC
Snow, Central Park, NYC

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