Ernst Haas

The Creation Portfolio

This exquisite portfolio by Ernst Haas (1921-1986) was published by Daniel Wolf Press in 1981. It's a collection of
  10 signed dye transfer prints, 13 x 19 inches in size, mounted to 19 x 24 inch ragboard. The portfolio is limited to 300 copies.

Ernst Haas was born in Austria and was well known for his incredible color photography. He was a Magnum photographer, often published in LIFE Magazine. The portfolio is from his best selling book of the same name, based on the Biblical book of Genesis.

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Ernst Haas, Tobago
Tobago, 1968
$2,800 (SOLD)
Ernst Haas, Kenya
Kenya, 1970
Ernst Haas, Sicily
Sicily, 1965
Ernst Haas, Nairobi
Nairobi, Kenya, 1970
Ernst Haas, Lake Huntington
Lake Huntington, Kenya, 1970
Ernst Haas, Arizona
Arizona, 1962
Ernst Haas, Vermont
Vermont, 1969
Ernst Haas, Island of Kyushu
Island of Kyushu, Japan, 1981
Ernst Haas, New England
New England, 1973 (book cover)
Ernst Haas, Surtsey Volcano
Surtsey Volcano, near Iceland, 1965
$1,700 (SOLD)