Gerald Hill

Gerald Hill lives in Kansas and has been making photographs for some 30 years. He has shown his work in various galleries. The quality of his digital prints is absolutely superb and incredibly sharp. The image size of the prints is 11 x 17 inches, matted to 18 x 24 inches. The price is $400.00.

(Please click on the thumbnails below for enlargements)

Gerald Hill, Joylands Roller Coaster
Joylands Roller Coaster
Gerald Hill, Light Show in the Hayloft
Light Show in the Hayloft
Gerald Hill, Old Grain Silo
Old Grain Silo
Gerald Hill, Lower Fox Creek School House
Lower FoxCreek School House
Gerald Hill, 1875 Drinkwater Schriver Flour Mill
1875 Drinkwater Schriver Flour Mill
Gerald Hill, Historic Clock Tower
Historic Clock Tower
Gerald Hill, Ghost Town Schooolhouse
Ghost Town Schoolhouse
Gerald Hill, Old Prairie Homestead
Old Prairie Homestead
Gerald Hill, Uprooted and Washed Ashore
Uprooted and Washed Ashore
Gerald Hill, Light Dances in the Valley
Light Dances in the Valley
Gerald Hill, Thirty Seconds at Dawn
Thirty Seconds at Dawn
Gerald Hill, Lower Falls, Yosemite
Lower Falls, Yosemite
Gerald Hill, Caņon de Chelly, White House Ruins
Caņon de Chelly White House Ruins
Gerald Hill, Doorways of Chaco
Doorways of Chaco
Gerald Hill, Adobe
Gerald Hill, Old Gas Station
Old Gas Station
Gerald Hill, Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Gerald Hill, The Mittens
The Mittens
Gerald Hill, West Park Avenue, Arches National Park
West Park Avenue, Arches National Park
Gerald Hill, Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Gerald Hill, Finishing Strong
Finishing Strong
Gerald Hill, Abandoned Grain Storage
Abandoned Grain Storage
Gerald Hill, Tomorrow's Sand Dunes
Tomorrow's Sand Dunes
Gerald Hill, Double Arches
Double Arches

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