Owen Kanzler

New Jersey based photographer Owen Kanzler makes outstanding aerial photographs from an airplane he flies himself. Primarily self-taught in photography during his high school years in the 1960s, he went on to study sociology, anthropology, and art in college and has followed a career in photography ever since. He began his involvement with aviation in the mid-1970s and, since 1978, has specialized in aerial photography. His fine-art work has been exhibited and published many times and is in several museum, university, corporate, government, and private collections. He was born in 1949. Please visit Mr. Kanzler's own website at KanzlerAerial.com to learn more about him and to view his commercial aerial photography.

His prints are priced at $900.00. They are on 16 x 20 inch paper, matted to 28 x 22 inches.
(Some images are available on 11 x 14 inch paper for $700.00 and some on 20 x 24 inch paper for $1,400.00.)

(Mr. Kanzler carefully crafts each of his prints in the darkroom using traditional methods and skills based on over forty years experience printing his own work. These beautiful chromogenic prints are made, on a variety of Kodak and Fuji papers, from his original color negatives without any digital manipulation or enhancement.)

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them.)

Owen Kanzler, Urban Neighborhood with Church
Urban Neighborhood with Church
Owen Kanzler, Beach Bungalows 2
Beach Bungalows 2
Owen Kanzler, Condo Living, Rockaway
Condo Living
Owen Kanzler, Moving In 2
Moving In 2
Owen Kanzler, Open Sea
Open Sea
Owen Kanzler, Offshore Powerboat Race
Offshore Powerboat Race
Owen Kanzler, Image of Man in Underwear Floats through Sky
Image of Man in Underwear
Floats through Sky
Owen Kanzler, Housing Development
Housing Development
Owen Kanzler, Edge of the Ice Floes
Edge of the Ice Floes
Owen Kanzler, Icebreaker
Owen Kanzler, Ice Breaking
Ice Breaking
Owen Kanzler, Ice Floe Pattern
Ice Floe Pattern
Owen Kanzler, Snow Covered Orchard
Snow Covered Orchard
Owen Kanzler, Lone Horse and Hoof Prints
Lone Horse and Hoof Prints
Owen Kanzler, Solitary Oak Tree in Snow
Solitary Oak Tree in Snow
Owen Kanzler, Hedgerows through Light Snow
Hedgerows through Light Snow
Owen Kanzler, Picking Pumpkins
Picking Pumpkins
Owen Kanzler, Freight Train in the Autumn Landscape
Freight Train in the Autumn Landscape
Owen Kanzler, Autumn Juxtaposition
Autumn Juxtaposition
Owen Kanzler, An Inventory of Potted Mums
An Inventory of Potted Mums

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