Robert Glenn Ketchum

Robert Glenn Ketchum, born 1947, is one of the best known contemporary color landscape photographers on the scene today. His work is not only known for its beauty but also for its environmental message. Mr. Ketchum has authored several books, and his work is in major museum collections throughout the world. Since 1968, he has been in over 400 one-person and group shows. He lives in California.

The work on this page is from one of his grandest projects to date: the Northwest Passage. In slightly less than one month in the summer of 1994, he crossed the Arctic Ocean from Nome, Alaska to Sisimiut, Greenland and produced an incredible new body of work. This show began at the International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House in Rochester.

Much of Mr. Ketchum's show has been reproduced in a handsome monograph entitled Northwest Passage: Photographs by Robert Glenn Ketchum, published by Aperture. The book is available for $45.00 plus $5.00 U.S. postage (+3.71 sales tax for Texas residents).

Prices for this work are currently at the beginning levels. All prints are Ilfochromes and are limited to editions of 33. Prices increase as the editions sell out.

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Dead-Calm Sunset
Dead-Calm Sunset before the
Storm, Larsen Sound

Glacial Outflows
Glacial Outflows,
Otto Fjord

Incoming Storm
Incoming Storm,
Cape Victoria

Rebound Islands
Rebound Islands and
Sea Ice, James Ross Strait

Vertical Shoreline
Vertical Shoreline, Bylot Island

Sismuit, Greenland
Sismuit, Greenland

Parallel Worlds
Parallel Worlds