Brian Kosoff

The beautiful, often minimalist, panoramic photographs of Brian Kosoff (born 1957) have been getting favorable attention around the country for some time now. Although he is represented in a number of galleries, his fine-art career only began in 2002. For some 25 years, he was a very successful commercial still life photographer. He gave up his Manhattan studio to pursue landscape work, and has since done very well with his exhibitions. Below is his latest body of work for a show we are having called The Illumination of Night. Here is a review of the show that ran in The Dallas Morning News. (This link is to the blog site of the writer, Patricia Mora.)

"During the day, when we look up and assume that we are seeing infinitely, we are not. Our own atmosphere, a bubble of gases and particles illuminated by the Sun, blocks our view and because of that our perception of the universe and our place in it is limited, we see no further than this "ceiling" over our heads. During the day, it’s easy to feel greater significance because our reach and scope seems so much more local, our impact so much greater.

But when one is out in the middle of nowhere, far away from cities and the unnatural environment of man and all one has for company is the howling of the coyotes and the countless stars, the perception of our place in the universe becomes far more obvious. It’s as though during the day we are indoors, safe and sheltered, in control of our immediate environment. But at night, with the skies now transparent, we are truly outside and at the whims of nature."

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Brian Kosoff, Bonneville                   Brian Kosoff, Tracks
Bonneville, 2012                                                                                                                                     Tracks, 2012

Brian Kosoff, Dixon Cemetery
Dixon Cemetery, 2011
Brian Kosoff, Roadside Memorial
Roadside Memorial, 2012
Brian Kosoff, Windmill
Windmill, 2012
Brian Kosoff, Highway Lights
Highway Lights, 2012
Brian Kosoff, Above the Trees
Above the Trees, Follonica, Italy, 2012
Brian Kosoff, Pet Area
Pet Area, 2012
Brian Kosoff, Pelicans
Pelicans and Stars, 2012
Brian Kosoff, San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore, 2012
Brian Kosoff, Boats at Night
Boats at Night, Scotland, 2011

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