Elliott McDowell: Retrospective Exhibition

Photographs/Composites 1976-2011

This is their second show of Elliott McDowell's wonderful and clever work. He has long been one of Santa Fe, New Mexico's most entertaining photographers, known for his finely crafted images that abound with wonders, insights and riddles.

In the 1970s McDowell was an expert at traditional photography techniques, acclaimed for his impeccably printed photographs of quirky and playful subjects. A collection of these classic black and white works appeared in the book Photographs: Elliott McDowell (1981).

Over the years McDowell's silver prints evolved into a unique new body of colored photographs that resemble miniature stage sets of dreams and fairy tales. McDowell constructs these magical works from his large collection of color slides and digital imagery. A selection of these images can be found in his recent book Mystical Dreamscapes (2009).

This exhibition represents a 35-year span of McDowell's imagery, both classic black and white and color photography as well as his more contemporary digital composite pieces. McDowell was born in 1948 and is a graduate of Southern Methodist Univeristy in Dallas.

All prints are pigment on rag paper, handsomely printed and moderately priced. Click on the thumbnails below for specific sizing and pricing.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them and view other details.)

Elliott McDowell, Angel Oak
Angel Oak
Elliott McDowell, Buji Bird
Buji Bird
Elliott McDowell, Approaching Winter
Approaching Winter
Elliott McDowell, Anasazi Window
Anasazi Window
Elliott McDowell, Fritz Scholder and Friend
Fritz Scholder and Friend
Elliott McDowell, Melissa at the Fairmont
Melissa at the Fairmont
Elliott McDowell, Room Service
Room Service
Elliott McDowell, The Doll House
The Doll House
Elliott McDowell, Magical Forest Sunset
Magical Forest Sunset
Elliott McDowell, Italian Dream
Italian Dream
Elliott McDowell, Calm Above the Storm
Calm Above the Storm
Elliott McDowell, Aria I
Aria I
Elliott McDowell, Fleetwood, New Mexico
Fleetwood, New Mexico
Elliott McDowell, The Kiss
The Kiss
Elliott McDowell, Josie's, Santa Fe
Josie's, Santa Fe
Elliott McDowell, Boots and Wurlitzer
Boots and Wurlitzer
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