In Wildness Portfolio
by Eliot Porter

This portfolio was published by Daniel Wolf Press in 1981. It consists of 10 dye transfer prints in an edition of 300. The prints were made by Berkey K & L in New York and signed by Mr. Porter (1901-1990). Print sizes are 16 x 12 inches, mounted on 24 x 20 inch ragboard. Find individual prices below. We also have an entire portfolio available for $9,000. Porter's Glen Canyon portfolio is also for sale at $11,000. Click here to see its images.

Maple Saplings
Maple Sapling and Rock,
Passaconaway, New Hampshire, 1953
Maple Leaves
Maple Leaves and Pine Needles, Tamworth,
New Hampshire, October 3, 1956
Red Osier
Red Osier, near Great Barrington,
Massachusetts, April 18, 1957
Sunflower and Sandune,
Colorado, 1959
Sculptured Rock
Sculptured Rock, Marble Canyon,
Arizona, 1967
Hawkweed in Meadow,
Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, 1968

Path in Woods
Path in Woods, Great Spruce Head Island,
Maine, 1981

Pool in a Brook
Pool in a Brook, Pond Brook, near Whiteface,
New Hampshire, October, 1953
($2,500.00) SOLD  (Book cover image)

Tidal Marsh
Tidal Marsh, Mount Desert Island,
Maine, August 4, 1965
Sunset behind Las Tres Virgenes Volcano,
near Mezquital, Baja California, August 12, 1966