Some Edward Steichen Prints by George Tice

We have a small selection of photographs by Edward Steichen (1879-1973), one of the pivotal figures in Twentieth Century photography. These prints are courtesy of George Tice (b. 1938), who printed for Steichen on certain occasions. In 2000, Alfred A. Knopf published a magnum opus entitled Steichen's Legacy: Photographs 1895 - 1973. It was edited by his widow Joanna Steichen. She asked Tice to make the prints for this book. He produced two prints from each of the original negatives, one for the publishers (and ending up in the George Eastman House collection) and one for himself. Thus there is only one copy available of these prints. They are beautifully made 8 x 10s, and are rare, fine collector's pieces. They are also tens of thousands of dollars less than prints made by Steichen himself.

(Please click on the thumbnails below for enlargements, pricing and full titles.)

Edward Steichen, Loretta Young
Loretta Young
Edward Steichen, Heavy Roses
Heavy Roses
Edward Steichen, Anna May Wong
Anna May Wong
Edward Steichen, Isadora Duncan
Isadora Duncan
Edward Steichen, Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
Edward Steichen, Three Pears and an Apple
Three Pears and an Apple
Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz and Kitty
Alfred Stieglitz and Kitty
Edward Steichen, Little Round Mirror
Little Round Mirror
Edward Steichen, The Blue Sky-Dana
The Blue Sky-Dana
Edward Steichen, Carl and LillianSandburg
Mr. and Mrs.-Carl and Lillian Sandburg
Edward Steichen, Agnes Meyer
Agnes Meyer
Edward Steichen, Willa Cather
Willa Cather
Edward Steichen, Wheelbarrow with Flower Pots
Wheelbarrow with Flower Pots
Edward Steichen, Striped Gown
Striped Gown
Edward Steichen, Homeless Women-The Depression
Homeless Women
Edward Steichen, Fog on Lily Pad
Frog on Lily Pad
Edward Steichen, Leopold Stokowski
Leopold Stokowski
Edward Steichen, Wesley Hill
Wesley Hill
Edward Steichen, Sunday Papers
Sunday Papers
Edward Steichen, Diagram of Doom #2
Diagram of Doom #2

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