Mark Citret

This is our first show of the outstanding photography of Mark Citret. Mr. Citret is from California and is nationally known. He photographs a wide range of subject matter from landscapes to common objects. His vision is quite unique as are his prints, which are on a long discontinued rare Kodak paper*. They have an unusual tone and a feeling of softness.

Mark Citret was born in 1949 in Buffalo, New York, and grew up in San Francisco. He began photographing seriously in 1968. For years he has been a teacher at the university level and at various well known photographic workshops. He also does commercial architectural photography. His work is represented in a number of major photographic galleries and museum collections around the country.

PRICES:     Prints are usually limited to 45 copies. *Mr. Citret uses Kodak Polyfiber A, a very light weight paper with a vellum-like surface, discontinued in 1994. A combination of toners is applied to the paper, and he refers to the resulting photographs as "vellum" prints. Prices start at $1,200.00 for 8 x 10 "vellums." 11 x 14s start at $1,400.00 and 16 x 20 prints on conventional paper start at $1,800. Prices increase as the editions sell out. Prices given are current as to July, 2007.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them and see prices.)

Cypress Grove #2
Cypress Grove #2, 2002
Vitkov Park, Prague
Vitkov Park, Prague, 1995
Fog, Yosemite Valley
Fog, Yosemite Valley, 1993
Leaf, Big Pine Creek
Leaf, Big Pine Creek, 2002
Gang Ladder
Gang Ladder, 1992
Power Lines and Plowed Field
Power Lines and Plowed Field,
San Joaquin Valley, 2003
Parked Big Rig
Parked Big Rig, 1997
Fiat 500, Gubbio, Italy
Fiat 500, Gubbio, Italy, 1998
Gull Ascending, Hancock Park, Los Angeles
Gull Ascending, Hancock Park, Los Angeles, 2003
Two Boats, Lake Merced, San Francisco
Two Boats, Lake Merced, San Francisco, 1995
Racing Sculls, Lake Merced
Racing Sculls, Lake Merced, 1995
Tennis Nets
Tennis Nets, 1995

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