Jenny Ellerbe

Here is Home

We are pleased to present our second show of the beautiful, quiet Louisiana photographs of Jenny Ellerbe. Living in the city of Monroe in the northern part of the state, she has rarely ventured more than 60 miles to make her photographs. They are not only an accurate documentation of the land and bayous, people and buildings, but they also convey the moods and feelings of the places and their inhabitants.

Ms. Ellerbe (born 1960) is a former pediatric intensive care nurse. In the last few years, she has become widely recognized for her superb photography and the exquisite quality of her black and white digital prints. Now she co-teaches an annual “Ink on Paper” digital printing workshop for the Ansel Adams Gallery in California. Her first book, Here is Home, was published last year by Scotia Waterous, Canada.

Her photographs are all made with a digital camera, archivally (and wonderfully) printed on Museo Portfolio Rag archival paper by an Epson 4000, using custom made carbon pigment monochromatic inks. Prints made on 8˝ x 11 inch paper with an image size of approximately 6 x 9 inches are priced at $400.00. 10 x 15 inch images on 13 x 19 inch paper sell for $600.00. Prints are in editions of 25. Please add $30.00 matting for the smaller ones and $50.00 matting for the larger ones.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them and see the full titles.)

Jenny Ellerbe, Church, Furrows
Church, Furrows
Jenny Ellerbe, Collecting Bait
Collecting Bait
Jenny Ellerbe, Hope
Jenny Ellerbe, 3 Years, 13 Days
3 Years, 13 Days
Jenny Ellerbe, Customer, Farmer's Market
Customer, Farmer's Market
Jenny Ellerbe, Dream Big Dreams
Dream Big Dreams
Jenny Ellerbe, Sad Angel
Sad Angel
Jenny Ellerbe, Veteran's Day
Veteran's Day
Jenny Ellerbe, Raindrops, Branches
Raindrops, Branches
Jenny Ellerbe, Waiting for Spring
Waiting for Spring
Jenny Ellerbe, Rice Abstract
Rice Abstract
Jenny Ellerbe, Tractor, Cattle Egrets
Tractor, Cattle Egrets
Jenny Ellerbe, Strawberry Pickers
Strawberry Pickers
Jenny Ellerbe, Sudden Storm, Cornfield, Study2
Sudden Storm, Cornfield
Jenn Ellerbe, Cotton, Study 1
Cotton, Study 1
Jenny Ellerbe, Highway 133 Church
Highway 133 Church
Jenny Ellerbe, Black Bayou Lake, Mist
Black Bayou Mist
Jenny Ellerbe, Misty Bayou with Swirl
Misty Bayou with Swirl
Jenny Ellerbe, December Mist
December Mist

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