Robb Kendrick

Tintype Portraits

This is our first show of the wonderful portraiture of Robb Kendrick. His work appears regularly in National Geographic (hes been to 76 countries on assignment), and for their December, 2007 issue, he documented working cowboys, covering 14 Western states, Mexico and Canada. What is most unusual is that he used the old mid-19th Century wet plate tintype process. This cumbersome technique required him to tow a darkroom trailer behind him for some 40,000 miles, often down very isolated roads. But in the end, he created a strong body of work with a timeless quality making one question which century the portraits come from.

Mr. Kendrick was born in Spur, Texas in 1963 and currently lives in Mexico in San Miguel de Allende with his wife, writer Jeannie Ralston, and their two boys. Currently his work is in a traveling museum show, and his latest book Still: Cowboys at the Start of the Twenty-First Century was recently published by The University of Texas Press. It was given a large review in The New York Times this spring. An excellent interview on National Public Radio can be heard here.

Our show features both one-of-a-kind tintypes and larger digital prints made from scans of the tintypes. Images from two other bodies of work are on page two. One-of-a-kind tintypes sell for $3,500.00. 16 x 20 inch digital prints of the tintypes sell for $1,400.00, and 20 x 30 inch prints are $1,950.00. The price does not include matting or shipping. These prints are truly gorgeous!

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Robb Kendrick, Colter Schlosser
Colter Schlosser
Robb Kendrick, Doug Groves
Doug Groves
Robb Kendrick, Steve Eytcheson
Steve Eytcheson
Robb Kendrick, Jim Dacus
Jim Dacus
Robb Kendrick, Kyle Stone
Kyle Stone
Robb Kendrick, Chet Bartlett
Chet Bartlett
Robb Kendrick, Casey DePaulo
Casey DePaulo
Robb Kendrick, Nate Patterson
Nate Patterson
Robb Kendrick, Cody Taylor
Cody Taylor
Robb Kendrick, Tyrel Tucker
Tyrel Tucker
Robb Kendrick, Bret Reeder
Bret Reeder
Robb Kendrick, Tom Bowerman
Tom Bowerman

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