The Afterimage Gallery Photography Quiz

Welcome to our photography quiz (with a bit of a historical slant). We hope you find it fun, interesting and even didactic.
Answers are at the bottom of the two pages. Click on any unknown names to go to a glossary.

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1. Who below was the first person to successfully "fix" a photographic image, thus becoming the father of photography?

A. George Eastman
B. Thomas Edison
C. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce
D. Samuel Morse

2. The first photograph ever made by the above gentleman is in the collection of

A. The Louvre
B. The Bibliothčque Nationale
C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
D. The University of Texas at Austin

3. A curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art was

A. Leopold Stokowski
B. Igor Sikorski
C. John Szarkowski
D. Leon Trotsky

4. Who below did not help popularize the nude in photography?

A. Hugh Hefner
B. William Mortensen
C. Bunny Yeager
D. Wallace Nutting

5. Which name is the most difficult to pronounce?

A. Gyula Halász
B. George Hoyningen-Huené
C. László Moholy-Nagy
D. They all give pause to even the most photographically literate among us.

6. Really famous people just need one name; which one below is the photographer?
A. Madonna
B. Cantinflas
C. Brassaď
D. Pelé

7. If Alfred Stieglitz didn’t think you were worthy enough to own a print from his gallery, he would

A. call 911
B. not sell it to you
C. have you taken out the back door
D. sic Georgia on you

8. Who below was the first to make aerial photographs?

A. Charles Lindbergh
B. The Red Baron
C. Nadar
D. Timothy Leary

9. What group did Alfred Steiglitz found?

A. Linked Ring Brotherhood
B. Photo-Secession
C. Rat Pack
D. Association of International Photography Art Dealers, Inc.

10. Which painter below used photography?

A. Rembrandt
B. Piet Mondrian
C. Thomas Eakins
D. John James Audubon

11. Name a famous photographer's model.

A. Whistler's mother
B. Lee Miller
C. Brenda Lee
D. Taco Bell chihuahua

12. In attempting to produce the ultimate in photographic quality, the F 64 Group was famous for its members'

A. opening their lenses up to f 64
B. stopping their lenses down to f 64
C. always using tripods
D. never photographing things that move

13. Which of these other single-name people is associated with fine-art photography?

A. Fabio
B. Twinka
C. Fabian
D. Liberace

Answers: 1 - C, 2 - D, 3 - C. 4 - D, 5 - D, 6 - C, 7 - B, 8 - C, 9 - B, 10 - C, 11 - B, 12 - B, 13 - B