Our Shows of the Last Few Years

     Jacques Henri Lartigue: Another Time

     Ron Evans and Margo Hamilton

     Mitch Dobrowner: Nature in the Raw

     Walter W. Nelson, The Black Place: Two Seasons

     Bank Langmore, Elliott Erwitt and Others

     James Evans: Don't Let Us Get Sick

     Brian Kosoff: The Illumination of Night

     Reality/Unreality: Fran Forman

     Craig Varjabedian: Landscape Dreams, A New Mexico Portrait

     Gary Bishop, Images: Past / Presence

     Terry Falke: No Straight Lines in Nature, Black and White Landscapes Revisited

     40 Exceptional Photographs: Our 40th Anniversary Show

     Elliott McDowell: Retrospective Exhibition, Photographs/Composites 1976-2011

     Multiple Exposures: LIFE Photographer Bob Gomel Looks Back at the 60s

     Charles Kruvand: The Living Waters of Texas

     Carolyn Brown: Dialogues, Where Iberia and the New World Meet: Photographs of Sacred Structures in Spain, Mexico and Portugal

     Angela Bacon-Kidwell: Reveries of Imagination

     Michael Massaia: Deep in a Dream, Platinum Prints

     Terry Falke: American Studies

     A Representative Sampling: Various Gallery Photographers

     Jeffrey Gusky: Reimagining Dallas: An Intimate Walk along Turtle Creek

     William Lesch: Illuminated Landscapes

     Peter Calvin: Images of the Built Environment in Texas and Mexico

     Kenn Thorpe: Church and State (plus opening night video)

     Jenny Ellerbe: Here is Home (plus opening night video)

     Animalia / Honky Tonk: Two highly Divergent Series by Henry Horenstein (plus opening night video)

     Three Variations on the Landscape: Photographs by Eliot Porter, James H. Evans and Mitch Dobrowner

     Brian Kosoff: New Work

     Yousef Khanfar: The Landscape Poet

     Robb Kendrick: Tintype Portraits

     John Loengard: A Gifted Perspective

     Sam Fentress: Bible Road, Signs of Faith in the American Landscape

     Terry Falke: Observations in an Occupied Wilderness

     Walter W. Nelson: Ribbons of Time, the Dalquest Research Site

     Paul Greenberg: Recent Panoramas

     Peter A. Calvin: Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas: A Neighborhood's Main Street

     June Redford Van Cleef: The Texas Outback: Ranching on the Last Frontier

     Thomas Michael Alleman: Sunshine & Noir, Holga Photographs of Los Angeles and New York

     Jenny Ellerbe: Exploring Nowhere, Discovering Home

     Peter Feresten: "...home in this world..."

     Kent Barker: OUT OF TIME, Photographs from the Ageless Landscape of Taos

     Byrd Williams: Around Walls

     Nicholas McCalip: Uneven Land

     Carolyn Brown: Dallas: Where Dreams Come True

     Paul Flaggman: The City after Dark

     Yousef Khanfar: Voices of Light

     Two Masters: Barbara Morgan: Classic Images and Harry Callahan: Color Work

     LIFE Magazine: A Selection of Photographs