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Below in alphabetical order are photographers we work with directly. Many of their prints are not in stock and must be ordered.
All prices are subject to change, naturally. If you have need to contact us, send us an email or give us a call (214.871.9140).

Other prints available by Abbott | Adams | Eisenstaedt | Feininger | Franck | Gibson | Hanson (Elvis collage) | Kasten | Kenna
Lartigue | Mark | Marshall | Morgan | Ronis | Van Der Zee | Welch (Paris) | Weston (Brett) | Weston (Edward)

William Abranowicz, Blowing Curtain, Santorini

William Abranowicz (b. 1956)
Images from the Greek islands

Thomas Michael Alleman, Midtown Manhattan

Thomas Michael Alleman (b. 1958)
Toy camera images of New York and Los Angeles

Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Flight

Angela Bacon-Kidwell (b. 1970)
Surreal imagery

Bruce Barnbaum, Hollows and Points, Peach Canyon

Bruce Barnbaum (b. 1943)
Large format landscapes

Gary Bishop, Cowboy with Camera in Small Town Parade

Gary Bishop (b. 1944)
Documentary photography

Peter J. Blackburn, Two Flowers in Blue Vase

Peter J. Blackburn
Gum bichromte still lifes

Carolyn Brown, Glory Window at Thanks-Giving Square

Carolyn Brown (b. 1936)
Color photographs from Dallas area

Wynn Bullock, Child on Forest Road

Wynn Bullock (1902-1975),  Wikipedia
Classic estate prints from major 20th Century West Coast photographer

Christopher Burkett, Forest Light, Colorado

Christopher Burkett (b. 1951),  Wikipedia
Large format color landscapes

Peter Calvin, Nash Metropolitan

Peter Calvin
Color urban photographs of Dallas and Ajijíc, Mexico

Mark Citret, Fiat 500, Gubbio, Italy

Mark Citret (b. 1949)
Varied subject matter on a special thin paper

Norm Diamond, Hanging Gloves

Norm Diamond (b. 1948)
Dallas area color documentary photographer

Mitch Dobrowner, Lightning Strikes

Mitch Dobrowner (b. 1956)
The greatest storm photographer

Jenny Ellerbe, No Dog Allowed Hear

Jenny Ellerbe (b. 1960)
Louisiana imagery

Elliott Erwitt, New York, 1974 (a.k.a. Dog Legs)

Elliott Erwitt (b. 1928),  Wikipedia
Humorous classic photographs by a 20th Century master

James Evans, Dancing Feet

James Evans (b. 1954)
West Texas people and landscapes

Ron Evans, Farm Dog
Ron Evans (b. 1943)
Documentary photographs

Terry Falke, No Straight Lines in Nature

Terry Falke (b. 1950)
Contemporary landscapist

Fran Forman, Requiem for the Giraffe

Fran Forman (b. 1945)
Surrealistic imagery

Eduardo and Orlando Garcia

Eduardo and Orlando Garcia (b. 1978)
Twin Cuban documentary photographers

Sarah Hadley, Grace

Sarah Hadley
Dreamlike imagery of Venice

Owen Kanzler, Self Portrait, Seaside Heights

Owen Kanzler (b. 1949)
New Jersey aerial photographer

Robb Kendrick,Colter Schlosser, Gang Ranch

Robb Kendrick (b. 1963),  Wikipedia
National Geographic tintype series on cowboys

Cassius Clay, 1967

Kidwiler Sports Collection
Huge collection of sports imagery

Brian Kosoff, Pacifica #6

Brian Kosoff (b. 1957)
Color and black and white panoramic landscapes, often minimalistic

Charles Kruvand, Cypress Tree Roots and Reflections

Charles Kruvand (b. 1956)
Large format color landscapes around Texas

Andreas Feininger, Midtown Fifth Avenue During Lunch Hour

LIFE Magazine prints, eg. Andreas Feininger (1906-1999)
Afterimage Gallery is a LIFE dealer of their signed prints


Keith Logan, Wiwaxy Peaks and Mount Huber

Keith Logan (b. 1950)
Color landscape photographer in western Canada

Michael Massaia, The Casino Pier-Post Hurricane Sandy

Michael Massaia (b. 1978)
Large format contemporary photographer in New Jersey

Elliott McDowell, Room Service, Nw York

Elliott McDowell (b. 1948)
Unconventional, personal work

Walter Nelson, Black Place, New Mexico, Untitled

Walter W. Nelson (b. 1942)
New Mexico photographer

Nikola Olic, United Chrysler Nations

Nikola Olic (b. 1974)
Precise architectural studies

David Osborn, Florence

David J. Osborn (b. 1961)
Europe in color, with atmosphere

Darcie Sternenberg, Bridge

Darcie Sternenberg
Luscious Oregon landscapes

Joyce Tenneson, Apple Tree

Joyce Tenneson (b. 1945)
Nationally known Maine photographer

George Tice, Amish Children Playing in Snow

George Tice (b. 1938),  Wikipedia
Internationally known large-format documentary photographer

Craig Varjabedian, Red Sky at Sunset, White Sands

Craig Varjabedian (b. 1957),  Wikipedia
New Mexico large format landscape photographer

Geoff Winningham, Miss Appaloosa Queen

Geoff Winningham (b. 1943)
Humorous Texana

Donghai Xia, Spring Tides

Donghai Xia (b. 1962)
Chinese coastal and small town images

Other prints available by Abbott | Adams | Eisenstaedt | Feininger | Franck | Hanson (Elvis collage) | Kasten | Kenna
Lartigue | Mark | Marshall | Morgan | Ronis | Van Der Zee | Welch (Paris) | Weston (Brett) | Weston (Edward)

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